Happy Elephants

Strictly No Riding, Chains or Hooks


Three totally unique programs to choose from, you won’t find the same anywhere else.


All staff here have many years of experience, having been born and bred in these areas.


A chance to learn all about elephants, the history and lifestyle.


Our guides love sharing their knowledge with you, a real eye opener.



Offering flexibility is key to happy customers, this is what we offer in all our projects.


Our service to you is key for the future of our elephants, thanks for your support

Our Story

Hi my name is Burin Ampai, but you can call me Bank. I started Bamboo Elephant Family Care with my father back in 2016, it all began when a baby elephant just 3 years old at the time was passed down to us by a cousin of mine, this elephant was so cute all my family and I loved her so much, her name is Noi.

My father and I decided to build our own elephant sanctuary so to care for more elephants like Noi, knowing that even though my government banned elephant slavery and begging on the streets of Thailand back in 1989 there’s still a hell of a lot of cruelty going on even to this day so I urge you, please, please do your research before choosing the sanctuary that you want to visit, I say this because there are many elephant parks, sanctuaries with bad intentions and wrong doings that are just doing it for capital gains.

Bamboo Elephant Family Care have 5 elephants in total and one on the way… Yes! Noi is pregnant. We don’t use chains, hooks or any other cruelty tactics like that, we don’t need too because our elephant family are allowed to roam free.

Thanks for reading my story and I hope to see you soon.

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Meet Our Staff

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Burin Ampai

Burin Ampai

Managing Director

Owner and founder of Bamboo Elephant Family Care company since 2016.



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Neung is my nickname, I started working for Bamboo Elephant Family Care in 2016.



Company Tour Guide

Chai is my nickname, I started working for Bamboo Elephant Family Care in 2017.



Company Tour Guide

Man is my nickname, I started working for Bamboo Elephant in 2017.